How much do your Gripper Socks cost?

Our Gripper Socks cost $4 plus tax.

Can we wear gripper socks from other trampoline parks?

You are welcome to wear Gripper Socks from other parks once they have been inspected by our staff to ensure they are in jump worthy shape.

We are happy to exchange your Gripper Socks from other parks for brand new Oasis Gripper Socks for free!


What are your prices?

Big Jump 1 hr: $19.00
Big Jump 2 hrs: $28.00
Additional hr: $9.00

Little Jump: $12.00
Little Jump 2 hrs: $18.00
Additional hr: $6.00


Where are you located?

We are in Parkway Mall just next to the Dollarama.

Our address is:
212 McAllister Drive
Saint John, NB
E2E 2C9


What are your hours?

Monday to Wednesday 9pm-7pm
Thursday to Sunday 9pm-8pm

Do I have to pay if I’m not jumping?

You are welcome to observe your kiddos without charge. Once you arrive and sign your waiver, you will be given a white bracelet indicating you a non-jumper visiting the park.


If I’m not jumping do I still need to sign a waiver?

Absolutely. Everyone who enters our park needs to sign a waiver. This includes anyone from observers, café patrons and even non-jumping babies.

You can do this before you arrive through our website or once you arrive at one of our Waiver Stations.


Can I drop off my child to jump while I run errands?

If your child is over the age of 13 your child is legally permitted to be unsupervised by a parent or guardian. Please note that our staff is not responsible for your child and will not be taking over as a parent or guardian in any way. Please use your personal discretion in deciding if your child is ready to be left unattended.


Can I sign a waiver before I arrive?

Yes! Please visit our website to sign a waiver for yourself and anyone under the age of 18 that you are responsible for.


Can I pre-buy jump tickets?

Most definitely! Please visit our website to reserve your jump spot.


Height requirements: 

Our number one priority is the safety of your children. We have created two designated sections of the park to reduce the likelihood of injury due to size difference, physical ability and crowd size.

Big Jump
All jumpers who are a minimum of 4 feet tall are welcome to enter this section of the park.

Little Jump
All jumpers who are 4 feet tall and under are welcome  to enter this section of the park.

Super Jump - Olympic Trampolines.
All jumpers must be a minimum of 5 feet tall to use our Olympic Trampolines.


What is your Birthday Party package?

Hop Birthday Party
$260 Plus tax


  • 10 Jumpers
  • 10 Pairs of Gripper Socks
  • 1 Hour Jump
  • 45 Mins in our Private Party Room
  • 2 Large Pizzas - 8 slices per pizza
  • (1) 100% off coupon for the Guest of Honour

We supply plates, napkins, cutlery, and tablecloths for the jumpers. Additional jumpers are $10 plus tax up to 16 jumpers. All party payments are non refundable. You are welcome to bring in any other food and drink with the exceptions of what you can purchase at a pizza shop.


Is my Birthday Party deposit refundable?

The deposit for a birthday is non refundable. We will work with you to reschedule your event for another date.


What should we know about glow night?

This event is for big jumpers only. All jumpers attending glow night must have grip socks, be able to meet big jump requirements and be 10+ . If a jumper does not have a set of gripper socks from a previous jump time, they can be purchased at the park. Any jumper who is under 13 must have a guardian over the age of 18 on site. Jumpers 13+ can remain on site without a guardian. Since black lights are in use for Glow Night, we suggest your jumper wear white!


Can I host a host a birthday in the Cafe / Parent Lounge? 

We are not able to accommodate birthday celebrations in our Cafe or Parent lounge. We have a great Hop party package for all your birthday needs that include a private party room. To book a party please check out the link below.